3 Reasons You Can't Meditate, And How To Create The Zen You Need

30 April 2016
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Meditation is an honored tradition of calming the mind and body so you can just plain relax. In a quiet atmosphere, you can pose your body and let the stress, anxiety, fear, and anger of life just melt away for minutes at a time. Meditation has many benefits, including lower blood pressure, increased overall happiness, and emotional balancing. If you have tried meditation before and just quite couldn't get to the peaceful place you've wanted to be in, there may be several factors getting in your way. Here are 3 reasons you just can't meditate, and how you can get around them.

You choose the wrong space

Since meditation is about letting go and finding peace, you want to make sure you choose a room in your home that you associate with calm. In other words, don't try to meditate in your kitchen, living room, or home office, as these are key areas where lots of responsibility and action take place. Meditate in your bedroom, the bathroom, or your favorite reading area instead, as these are areas you most likely associate with rest or relaxation. If every room in your home is busy, try using a meditation studio instead. This way, you can meditate under the guidance of an instructor in a room beckoning peace and serenity.

You try too hard

Meditation is about letting go, not forcing yourself to sit still and think of nothing. Trying too hard to meditate can actually make doing so completely impossible. Your brain will quickly think only about the stresses you are trying to avoid and the things you still have left on your to-do list. Rather than make yourself think and do nothing, try distracting your brain with music you love. Meditation isn't about being still and quiet, it's about finding a balance from within, and you can do this with headphones in your ears if you have to.

Keep in mind as well that there is no time requirement for meditation. If you can meditate successfully for 5 minutes, go for it. If you can do longer, then awesome. With time, you will find yourself being able to meditate for longer periods of time without issue.

You meditate at the wrong time of day

While you can meditate whenever the mood strikes or your schedule allows, there are better times than others to find your peaceful place. You may be surprised to find out that meditating right before bed is the worst time of day to do it. You are supposed to be enlightening your mind, not going to sleep. You also don't want to train your mind that mediation is about relaxation for rest, which bedtime practices can encourage. Go for meditation during your lunch break, first thing in the morning, or when you are feeling particularly stressed instead to get the most out of your meditation applications.