Tips For Balancing Your Hormones At Home

4 May 2016
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If you are feeling like you are going through a wide range of mood swings for no discernible reason, then there is a good chance that your hormones are not in balance. This is important for you to consider because not having full control over your emotions can make your life very difficult. Here are some tips for balancing your hormones at home without the aid of a doctor. If you don't feel your mood swings subsiding after a few weeks of performing these actions, be sure that you contact a professional who specializes in hormone testing.

1. Reduce Sugar Intake, Including Alcohol

If you find yourself craving sugar during the day or coming home every day to a few glasses of wine, there's a good chance that you may have overloaded the stress on your endocrine system. Your endocrine system is heavily affected by your sugar intake. Sugar can also increase your overall inflammation and wine specifically can reduce the functioning of your metabolic system. If your metabolic system is not functioning perfectly, then you will not be able to metabolize the hormones that your body is making, leaving you unbalanced.

You can deal with this by cutting down on the amount of sugar and alcohol that you are consuming. If you find that it is difficult to avoid giving into the cravings for these foods for the first few weeks that you cut your intake, there are supplements that can reduce these cravings.

2. Reduce Stress on Your Liver

Your liver is one of the main places where you metabolize your hormones. If it is too busy working on clearing other toxins out of your body, it is not going to be able to metabolize your hormones quickly enough for you to remain balanced. You can reduce the overall amount of stress on your liver by reducing the amount of alcohol you consume, as discussed above, as well as cutting down on refined flour, foods with chemicals and preservatives, and diet soda.

3. Reduce Endocrine Disruptors in Your Cosmetics

Finally, consider checking your cosmetics for the kind of cases they come in. Try to purchase cosmetics only in glass bottles or in plastic bottles that are known to not contain dioxin. Dioxin is a toxin that is found in many plastic containers and cans. Dioxin from a plastic container can seep into the makeup that it holds. When you put it on your skin, it can get absorbed in and cause your endocrine system to go out of balance.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in hormone testing such as Alaska Natural Health Solutions.