Observe Marijuana State Legalization And Decriminalization Rules To Avoid Being Arrested

15 December 2016
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There are things you must consider before running out to purchase marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes. Yes, you may be able to use it. However, you need to make sure that you can legally purchase this drug and use it in the state that you live in and abide by all the rules your state says you must adhere to in order to use it. If you step foot in another state, you'd better not use marijuana unless you're sure about what the rules of marijuana use are in that state. Always remember that marijuana, also called cannabis, contains THC, which is the compound in cannabis that gets you high. Marijuana is still an illegal drug and a Schedule 1 controlled substance at the federal level, and each state's cannabis rules differ. Observe marijuana state legalization and decriminalization rules to avoid being arrested instate and out of state.

What Is Marijuana Legalization?

When your state legalizes marijuana use, law enforcement cannot arrest and issue you a ticket, nor can you be convicted, as long as you have met all the state requirements including your age and the amount of cannabis you've bought for consumption. You definitely should have a state license to sell cannabis and use proper taxation too or you'll be considered to be conducting an illicit sale. Of course, cannabis decriminalization opens up the door a little for you, but watch out.

Understand The Decriminalization Rules

When your state decriminalizes marijuana use, that simply means the state has amended its criminal cannabis laws and you won't face prosecution for using the drug. That amendment generally kicks in when you're found with possession of small amounts of cannabis that you plan to consume. Don't smugly purchase large amounts of marijuana while counting on the amendment to keep you from being incarcerated. In some states where marijuana has been decriminalized, you can face significant jail time for possessing large amounts of the drug.

Be Aware Of Illegal Marijuana Traffickers

Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants a piece of the lucrative revenues that can be acquired from legalization of cannabis as a verified business product. End products such as oils, creams, edibles and lotions are being promoted. Just you be careful of the illegal pushers out there who will enter the trade by any means possible and offer you tainted cannabis. So if you're going into the business of selling marijuana, obtain proper licensing for any cannabis product you plan on marketing and selling.

As a consumer, read the label on the marijuana product you are about to purchase. By all means consult with your physician about side effects that could possibly arise when you combine cannabis intake with other medications you might already be using. For more information, contact companies like California Herbal Relief Center.