Ready To Open A Cannabis Shop? How To Staff It Fast

30 January 2017
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If you are looking to staff your cannabis store with employees that you can trust, and that you can depend on not to steal or use the cannabis in the store, you want to find a staffing agency. The staffing agency you use will find the right professionals for the shop floor, management, stocking and shipping needs and more. Here are a few of the things you want to compile when you talk with the staffing professionals, so they know exactly what you're looking for.

Amount of Workers and Positions

Tell them how many workers you need to employ, and the following:

  • Credentials for each position
  • Wage of each position
  • Experience you want for each position
  • Drug testing or other requirements

The staffing agency will do all the background checks, they will verify the references and the past employment, and they will go through all the resumes for you. They will be able to narrow down the perfect candidates for each position with the potential employees they have in their data base.

First Interviews

You can have the staffing agency do the first few rounds of interviews so you don't have to. You can decide if you want the staffing agency to do all the interviews for you, or if you want them to leave the final interview up to you at the business. This speeds up the interview process and makes it easier to narrow down candidates.


Are you worried that the people that work for you will want to partake in using the product? If so, you can make it a requirement that people not use cannabis f they work for you. The company can do drug testing, or direct the applicants to a local area to do the drug testing and then can screen the applicants based on their results.

There are a lot of easy ways that you can get applicants to send in applications, but it takes the skills of a professional staffing agency to cut through all the applications quickly and to find the most valuable. You don't have to have waste your own time trying to find the best resumes in the pile, and instead you just get to meet with the finalists and decide which ones are going to make the cut. If you have to staff a cannabis store and you're worried about who will apply, talk with the experts, like those at Cut Above