Why Acid Rock Is A Great Hemp Strain To Grow For Personal Use

23 July 2020
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If you have been embracing the healing powers of hemp and hemp products, then the logical next step is to start growing some hemp yourself. One thing you will soon realize, though, is that there are numerous strains to choose from. Not all hemp strains are alike. Some are better suited to large-scale, more industrial production, but one that works really well for personal use is acid rock hemp. Here are some reasons why this is a great strain to grow at home for your own benefits.

The plants themselves are beautiful.

Some hemp plants are pretty boring-looking. The flowers are just green and the leaves are flat and plain. Acid rock hemp is just about the opposite. It's a gorgeous plant. Its flowers have hints of orange and pink-blonde running through them, and they are huge. The leaves are also an interesting mix of lighter and dark green, giving the plant more dimension. You can plant acid rock hemp in your yard as a decorative plant and enjoy its beauty until it's ready to harvest. It will basically be doing double-duty.

The flowers have a nice, earthy smell and taste.

When you buy some CBD leaf from a dispensary, it's not a huge deal if you don't like the strain. You just buy something different the next time! You don't, however, want to grow a hemp plant with flowers that have a flavor you don't like. All of your hemp will go to waste then! Acid rock hemp has a delightfully earthy, light, smooth taste with a hint of citrus. There may be people out there who don't like it, but they are few and far between. You can be pretty confident you won't be wasting your time growing a strain you don't enjoy.

It has a moderately high CBD content.

If you are using hemp for its therapeutic properties, CBD is the main component you're looking for. Acid rock hemp has a moderately high CBD content, so you can experience and enjoy plenty of therapeutic benefits when using it. Some strains are lower in CBD, so you would have to smoke or vape more to get the same effects. Acid rock plants are smaller than some, but what they do produce is effective!

When looking for a hemp strain to grow, focus on the acid rock hemp flower as an option. It's a pretty plant, its flowers are potent, and it has a nice flavor.