Using CBD Pain Cream More Effectively

26 August 2020
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CBD pain cream can be really helpful for conditions like arthritis, which are ongoing and require consistent management. Overall, using these creams is simple — you rub the cream on the sore joint. However, there are a few more specific guidelines you should follow if you want to use CBD pain cream as effectively as possible.

1. Wash and dry your skin first.

Throughout the day, a lot of substances can accumulate on your skin without you realizing it. Air pollutants and residue from your laundry detergent are good examples. These substances can interfere with your skin's ability to absorb the CBD from the CBD cream. So, for better absorption, you should wash the area before applying the cream. Use gentle, unscented soap and then pat the area dry before rubbing on the cream.

2. Wait 30 minutes before applying anything else.

Maybe you also have a moisturizer or another product you want to apply to the same area that you've applied the CBD cream. If so, always wait for at least a half-hour after applying another product. If you've recently applied your moisturizer, then you should also wait for a half-hour before applying the CBD cream. This helps ensure the CBD is fully absorbed before you dilute it with anything else. This is vital because there could be ingredients in the other product that deactivate CBD or interfere with its absorption.

3. Pay attention to the amount you use.

With a simple moisturizer or lotion, you typically just squeeze some on and rub it around. This is not a good approach with CBD pain cream as you need to ensure you use the right amount of product to get the right dose of CBD. Consider using a teaspoon to measure your CBD cream the first couple of times you use it. You will then become more familiar with the correct amount of CBD to use. If you are not getting the effects you want, then you can start using a little more cream. For instance, if you are initially using a half teaspoon, you can increase to 3/4 of a teaspoon for more relief.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how to use your CBD pain relief cream more effectively. The tips above should prove valuable to you. To learn more about CBD pain relief cream, contact a supplier near you like Realax Hemp. Any supplier should be able to offer you additional tips for application.