CBD Candy: Sweet Relief If You Buy And Use It Well

11 November 2020
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Are you looking for relief from pain, inflammation, or maybe anxiety? CBD candies can provide this relief in a very sweet way, but you do need to buy and use them appropriately. Here's how to do that. 

Look for low-sugar candies if you plan on using them often

If you are only planning to take your CBD candy now and then when you're experiencing symptoms, then it doesn't matter so much if they're really sugary. But if you plan on taking the CBD candy several times per day as a preventative measure, you will want to look for a variety that's lower in sugar. Ingesting 10 grams of sugar every 4 hours when you take your CBD is not good for your overall health. Luckily, there are some low-sugar gummies and lozenges on the market that contain closer to 2 or 3 mg of sugar and are therefore less likely to spike your insulin levels.

Buy a lower-dose product at first

Especially if you are new to CBD, you may not know how much you actually need to take to get the desired effect. Some people only need 2 mg. Others need 20 mg. Buy a candy that only has about 2 mg of CBD per piece so you can slowly scale your dose. Then, once you know whether you need to take 6, 8, or 12 mg at once, you can buy a higher-dose candy the next time, if needed.

Choose candies that you suck or chew on for longer

CBD can be absorbed through the thin tissue in your mouth, directly into your bloodstream. So the longer you keep the CBD candy in your mouth, the more you will absorb in this way, and the faster your CBD will start working. Choose a gummy candy that you will chew for a while or a lozenge that you will suck on.

If you plan on taking candies with you, buy ones that won't melt. If you plan on packing your candies in your purse or bag and bringing them to work, then make sure the candies you pick won't melt easily. Stay away from anything with chocolate. Gummies can work well as long as the temperatures are cool, but in the heat of summer, lozenges will be the best choice.

CBD candy can be a wonderful choice for managing a wide variety of symptoms, and with the tips above, you can fully grasp that sweet relief.