Does Your Anti-Aging Routine Need A Lift Now That You Are 50? 3 Tips To Get The Most From Collagen Skin Care Products

13 May 2019
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Proper skin care helps to delay wrinkles and fine lines that appear over time. Yet, there eventually comes a point when the aging process causes you to develop sagging skin and wrinkles no matter how much moisturizer and sunscreen you lather on. As frustrating as it is to see your face slowly changing, the truth is that there is no real mystery to why this happens. As you age, collagen production slows down in your body. Read More 

Dealing With Chronic Joint Pain? Try These Holsitic Treatment Choices

29 March 2019
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If you are dealing with chronic pain, and the prescription medications or pills for inflammation and pain that you take every day aren't working, it's time to find other options. There are other pain options that could be very helpful, less toxic, and harsh on your body, as well as a more natural approach to your pain treatment. Explore these different holistic pain treatment choices so you can see what works so you can possibly be rid of the pills and prescriptions that cost money and can be damaging to the body. Read More 

Prone To UTIs? 3 Prevention Tips

25 February 2019
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Urinary tract infections are not only painful, but they can also be dangerous. Without proper diagnosis and treatment with antibiotics, these infections can spread from the urinary tract to the bladder, kidneys, and even blood, becoming life-threatening. Also known as UTIs, urinary tract infections can be prevented. Here are a few tips to reduce your risk of a UTI. 1. Drink Plenty of Water Drinking a sufficient amount of water is beneficial for many reasons. Read More 

Steps For New Medical Marijuana Patients To Take

12 January 2019
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When a patient is referred to medical marijuana by their doctor, they may not be aware of what to expect or the steps that they should take. This can make the process of becoming a medical marijuana patient slightly intimidating, but those that enter this process informed will be better prepared. Obtain Your License Unlike most other medications, individuals will likely need to have a license to utilize medical marijuana dispensaries. Read More 

3 Reasons To Choose A Vape To Consume Hemp

27 October 2018
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Hemp is known for its abilities to relieve pain, stress, and chronic inflammation. However, how you consume it is just as important as taking it in the first place. Here's why vaping is the best way to take hemp. Quick Absorption There are plenty of portable methods for consuming hemp, like tinctures and oils. However, none of them can beat vaping for quick absorption into the body. When you use a vape, you inhale the vapor directly into your lungs. Read More