Using CBD Pain Cream More Effectively

26 August 2020
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CBD pain cream can be really helpful for conditions like arthritis, which are ongoing and require consistent management. Overall, using these creams is simple — you rub the cream on the sore joint. However, there are a few more specific guidelines you should follow if you want to use CBD pain cream as effectively as possible. 1. Wash and dry your skin first. Throughout the day, a lot of substances can accumulate on your skin without you realizing it. Read More 

Why Acid Rock Is A Great Hemp Strain To Grow For Personal Use

23 July 2020
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If you have been embracing the healing powers of hemp and hemp products, then the logical next step is to start growing some hemp yourself. One thing you will soon realize, though, is that there are numerous strains to choose from. Not all hemp strains are alike. Some are better suited to large-scale, more industrial production, but one that works really well for personal use is acid rock hemp. Here are some reasons why this is a great strain to grow at home for your own benefits. Read More 

Looking for Ways to Reduce Your Stress? Consider Aromatherapy

15 May 2020
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While everyday stresses are a normal part of life, too much stress can be detrimental to your health and mental well being. Stress can contribute to headaches, irritability, depression, anxiety, and immune system suppression. It's not only important to identify your stress triggers, but learn how to manage their impact. One way to reduce stress is by incorporating aromatherapy into your life. How Can Aromatherapy Help? Some researchers believe that aromatherapy works by stimulating smell receptors which then send signals to the area of your brain that deals with memories and emotions. Read More 

3 Signs You Should Try Functional Medicine

14 February 2020
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When you think about seeking medical treatment, you might think about heading to a primary care physician's office or a normal hospital. However, there are other forms of medicine that you can turn to for your healthcare needs, too. For example, if you have not yet met with a functional medicine practitioner, it might be time to meet with one of these professionals. These are a few signs that functional medicine might be right for your healthcare needs. Read More 

Is Chronic Stress Impacting Your Health? Here’s Why & How An Acupuncturist Can Help

13 December 2019
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Stress can affect your physical and mental health, especially when you are under a great deal of stress for a long time. Here's why and how an acupuncturist can help if stress is affecting your health.  Homeostasis & Allostasis  Homeostasis is your body's ability to balance itself to maintain stability. Allostasis is how your body regains homeostasis through its response to stressors. Essentially, allostasis is the process of achieving homeostasis, which is controlled by the nervous system. Read More