Observe Marijuana State Legalization And Decriminalization Rules To Avoid Being Arrested

15 December 2016
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There are things you must consider before running out to purchase marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes. Yes, you may be able to use it. However, you need to make sure that you can legally purchase this drug and use it in the state that you live in and abide by all the rules your state says you must adhere to in order to use it. If you step foot in another state, you'd better not use marijuana unless you're sure about what the rules of marijuana use are in that state. Read More 

Homemade Detoxes You Can Make With Ingredients You Already Have

18 November 2016
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A cleansing detox is a great way to rejuvenate your body, get rid of toxins, and increase your energy. Detoxing is all about removing the processed, sugary, and overall unhealthy products from your body and creating a healthier foundation for you to jumpstart your diet and move on to a better lifestyle. Whether you want to do a detox cleanse to start a new diet, build energy, or recover from illness, you don't have to spend a lot of money at your local health market; you can simply turn to your own cupboard. Read More 

Rhodiola Rosea For Stress-Induced Fatigue: Four Questions Answered

7 July 2016
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Daily stress from the pressures of everyday life can take a toll on a body, causing one to lack vitality or feel drained at the end of the day. If emotional stress has you overwrought and exhausted, you might want to speak with your physician about taking natural energy supplements. One such energy-boosting supplement is an herb known as rhodiola rosea. Discover why this natural plant root is taken by many to increase stamina and boost energy often lost through daily stress. Read More 

Turn Back The Hands Of Time: 4 Tips To Keep Your Hair Looking Young And Healthy

8 June 2016
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If you're trying to slow down the aging process, you don't want to forget about your hair. Most people pay close attention to their skin, but they often forget that their hair is aging, as well. Now that you're working to retain your youthful appearance, here are four steps you can take to keep your hair looking younger, too. Go Easy on the Shampoo As your hair ages, it doesn't require nearly as much shampoo as it did when you were younger. Read More 

Exercise: A Key Component Of An Occupational Therapy Treatment Plan For Back Pain

5 June 2016
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Instruction in self-care, which includes regular exercise, is a key part of treatment that occupational therapists recommend to help keep you functioning as best as possible. Chronic back pain isn't easy to live with and can interfere with your job productivity and ability to perform other daily activities of living. With over 130 million people in this country suffering from some form of chronic or recurring pain, occupational therapy treatment focuses on finding ways to help you manage your pain more effectively without overusing or depending on pain medications for relief. Read More