Worried About Acupuncture? Here’s Why It’s Safe

28 December 2017
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Acupuncture is useful to people all over the planet for relieving pain, aiding healing, and easing stress, but it's understandable if you're hesitant because it involves needles. Any licensed and practiced acupuncturist should follow these steps to ensure your safety while you're being treated. Here's why your first acupuncture treatment will be safe for your body. Clean Needles Acupuncturists never reuse needles, nor do they use needles that have been lying around gathering dust or germs. Read More 

Ready To Open A Cannabis Shop? How To Staff It Fast

30 January 2017
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If you are looking to staff your cannabis store with employees that you can trust, and that you can depend on not to steal or use the cannabis in the store, you want to find a staffing agency. The staffing agency you use will find the right professionals for the shop floor, management, stocking and shipping needs and more. Here are a few of the things you want to compile when you talk with the staffing professionals, so they know exactly what you're looking for. Read More