Is Chronic Stress Impacting Your Health? Here’s Why & How An Acupuncturist Can Help

13 December 2019
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Stress can affect your physical and mental health, especially when you are under a great deal of stress for a long time. Here's why and how an acupuncturist can help if stress is affecting your health.  Homeostasis & Allostasis  Homeostasis is your body's ability to balance itself to maintain stability. Allostasis is how your body regains homeostasis through its response to stressors. Essentially, allostasis is the process of achieving homeostasis, which is controlled by the nervous system. Read More 

3 Benefits Of CBD For Cancer-Related Symptoms

30 September 2019
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Cancer and the treatments used for curative or palliative care can leave patients with unpleasant symptoms. One option to reduce or alleviate symptoms is the use of CBD hemp flower products. Due to the various methods of delivery, patients with cancer have a new avenue to improve their symptoms and quality of life. Pain Management Although CBD products are unlikely to alleviate cancer pain, especially when the disease is advanced, it can reduce pain enough where it is not always necessary to rely exclusively on opioids. Read More 

4 Surprising Uses For Myrrh Oil

22 July 2019
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You probably think of myrrh oil as a nice-smelling oil that you can use around the home for a relaxing scent or in potpourri for a little scent boost. However, this oil is actually really versatile and has far more uses. Here are four surprising ways to use myrrh oil. 1. To Treat Acne Myrrh oil has the ability to fight off bacteria, such as those that cause acne. It is especially useful for the treatment of body acne. Read More 

3 Ways That Acupuncture Could Help You To Conceive

26 June 2019
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Many people look to acupuncture for help with pain relief, but that's hardly all that the ancient art is attributed as being able to do. Many people go to acupuncturists hoping to find help with their ability to conceive a child, and many find success in doing so. Here are three ways that your local acupuncturist could help you to conceive. Stress Reduction One of the biggest benefits of acupuncture is stress reduction. Read More 

Does Your Anti-Aging Routine Need A Lift Now That You Are 50? 3 Tips To Get The Most From Collagen Skin Care Products

13 May 2019
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Proper skin care helps to delay wrinkles and fine lines that appear over time. Yet, there eventually comes a point when the aging process causes you to develop sagging skin and wrinkles no matter how much moisturizer and sunscreen you lather on. As frustrating as it is to see your face slowly changing, the truth is that there is no real mystery to why this happens. As you age, collagen production slows down in your body. Read More