Beyond Anxiety: 4 Other Uses For Medical Marijuana

23 July 2018
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You have probably heard how great medical marijuana can be for alleviating anxiety. People who do not react well to standard anti-anxiety drugs find that cannabis calms them down and even helps prevent panic attacks. But this is far from the only use for medical marijuana! Here is a look at four other conditions you can alleviate with this safe, natural remedy.

1. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia, sometimes known as fibro, is a complex disorder characterized by depression, fatigue, sore muscles, and insomnia. It presents a little differently in every patient, and it can be very hard to find a prescription medication that effectively controls the symptoms. However, many patients have found relief with medical marijuana. Not only does the marijuana help promote better sleep, but it also relaxes the muscles to prevent the aches and soreness that patients often complain about. Indica strains tend to be the best choice for fibro patients. 

2. Nausea

Do you suffer from bouts of nausea or heartburn? Maybe you have been diagnosed with a condition that causes this symptom, or perhaps it just happens when you eat certain foods. Marijuana can help relax your stomach muscles and ease your nausea. If you start feeling a little nauseous, you can eat an edible or inhale a few puffs from a vaporizer, and you'll feel the relief wash over you.


Post-traumatic stress disorder can make every aspect of your life more difficult. Constantly re-living traumatic events can lead to depression, anxiety, and mood swings, among other symptoms. Therapy is really important if you are dealing with PTSD, but you can certainly supplement therapy with medical marijuana. You can smoke or vaporize when you start to have a flashback or are about to enter a situation in which you fear you might have a flashback.

4. Headaches

Whether your headaches are due to sinus pressure, stress, or migraine conditions, cannabis can help. It will help you get better sleep, which can really help fend off headaches. By relaxing the muscles in the neck, it can also help prevent migraines or make them less serious when they do appear.

If you suffer from any of the conditions above, consider visiting a dispensary. Medical marijuana is more common than ever, thanks to its multiple uses. It is a safe choice for most patients, and there are many different strains you can try to find the perfect fix for you.