Steps For New Medical Marijuana Patients To Take

12 January 2019
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When a patient is referred to medical marijuana by their doctor, they may not be aware of what to expect or the steps that they should take. This can make the process of becoming a medical marijuana patient slightly intimidating, but those that enter this process informed will be better prepared.

Obtain Your License

Unlike most other medications, individuals will likely need to have a license to utilize medical marijuana dispensaries. This is usually the case regardless of whether the state has legalized recreational use as the medical products are often at a higher potency and quality. Luckily, the steps for obtaining a medical marijuana card are fairly straight forward, and your doctor may be able to help you with completing the needed forms.

Appreciate That There Are Options For Avoiding Smoking

It is often assumed that the only way to take medical marijuana is through smoking it. This is extremely unhealthy, and many medical marijuana patients are unable to inhale harsh smokes. To accommodate these patients, there are a variety of products that make it possible to take medical marijuana without needing to actually smoke it. Whether this is in the form of candies, capsules, transdermal patches or drinks, patients can find the right ingestion method for their medical needs and personal preferences.

Be Mindful Of Your Dosing

New medical marijuana patients can often overwhelm themselves the first time that they use these products. This can be the case for those that may have previous experience using marijuana as they may not be prepared for the higher potencies that are available in medical products. For this reason, individuals should start their initial dosage extremely low and gradually increase it as the effects become noticeable.

Follow Safe Storage Practices For Your Marijuana Medication

It is common for individuals to have to drive a relatively long distance to their local dispensary. This can make it advisable to purchase enough of this medication to prevent the need to make this trip an excessive number of times. However, improperly storing your medication can degrade it, which may defeat the purpose of buying larger amounts of it. Any medical marijuana products should be stored in cool areas so that the CBD and THC will not degrade due to heat exposure. Some products may have additional storage needs, and it can be wise to ask the dispensary worker about the storage requirements for any medications. Otherwise, you may find that something as simple as improper storage of your medication is making it difficult to manage your symptoms.