4 Surprising Uses For Myrrh Oil

22 July 2019
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You probably think of myrrh oil as a nice-smelling oil that you can use around the home for a relaxing scent or in potpourri for a little scent boost. However, this oil is actually really versatile and has far more uses. Here are four surprising ways to use myrrh oil.

1. To Treat Acne

Myrrh oil has the ability to fight off bacteria, such as those that cause acne. It is especially useful for the treatment of body acne. Try putting a drop or two of myrrh oil on your palm, and then mix it with some unscented lotion. Smooth this mixture over the area affected by acne once a day after showering. You can use myrrh oil on your face, too, but make sure you really dilute it since it can be a bit strong and harsh on the more delicate facial skin.

2. As a Mouthwash

If you browse the natural health care section of your local pharmacy, you may find some mouthwashes made with myrrh oil as an ingredient. Its antibacterial properties also make it good for fighting against gum disease and tooth decay. You can use one of these mouthwashes as an alternative to alcohol-based mouthwash, which is known to cause dry mouth in some people. Just be careful not to swallow the mouthwash because it is not healthy to ingest myrrh oil.

3. To Ease Headaches

Especially if you have headaches caused by stress or tension, applying some myrrh oil to your forehead and neck can help. Mix a drop of myrrh oil with about 6 drops of a carrier oil, like almond or olive oil, before applying the mixture. Not only is the scent relaxing, but the myrrh oil is thought to interact with pain receptors to help stop the signals they send to your brain. 

4. To Kill Fungi

If you ever develop a fungal infection, such as athlete's foot or ringworm, myrrh oil is a good treatment to have in your back pocket. You can dilute it by mixing 1 part myrrh oil to 3 parts almond oil. After diluting it, apply it to the affected area. The oil kills the fungi and helps prevent them from reproducing. Apply the mixture at least 2 times per day while leaving the area exposed to air so it can breathe.

To learn more about myrrh oil and its many uses, consult with a natural health practitioner or a company like Ancient Essence INC.