3 Benefits Of CBD For Cancer-Related Symptoms

30 September 2019
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Cancer and the treatments used for curative or palliative care can leave patients with unpleasant symptoms. One option to reduce or alleviate symptoms is the use of CBD hemp flower products. Due to the various methods of delivery, patients with cancer have a new avenue to improve their symptoms and quality of life.

Pain Management

Although CBD products are unlikely to alleviate cancer pain, especially when the disease is advanced, it can reduce pain enough where it is not always necessary to rely exclusively on opioids. One of the concerns for some patients with moderate to severe cancer-related pain is their prescription pain medications can make them sleepy. This may compromise their ability to work and interact with their loved ones. Additionally, they may need prescription medications in other forms, such as patches or injections, since opioids can be especially harsh on the stomach. Regular use of CBD products can be used to offset some of the side effects associated with opioids so it is easier to engage in daily activities with less pain while being alert and engaged.


Nausea is a common side effect associated with chemotherapy. Doctors typically prescribe chemotherapy patients medications to reduce their nausea and hopefully avoid vomiting. Depending on the length of treatments, medications to reduce nausea may become less effective. CBD is frequently used to help with nausea and it can be used as a suppository for people who are currently vomiting. Sometimes cancer treatments can cause a considerable change in appetite, either a decreased appetite or foods may taste different and become unpalatable. Improved appetite is important to help intake the necessary calories and nutrients to stay strong throughout treatment and reduce the likelihood of nutrient deficiencies.

Mental Health

CBD products are often used to improve mental health because it can reduce depression and anxiety. Some people may notice a substantial change in their mood after a cancer diagnosis or throughout the treatment process. The diagnosis of a potentially life-threatening disease and the fears associated with the diagnosis can leave many people with insomnia, panic attacks, and severe depression. CBD products can work well to make you feel less anxious. Fast-acting methods, such as tinctures or vaping, can also be useful for people who have developed negative symptoms associated with going to treatments. It is not uncommon for people to have panic attacks on their way to treatment or when they are going for follow-up testing to see if their cancer is progressing or has returned.

CBD products have many benefits for both mental and physical health. For people with cancer and going through treatments, consider adding CBD to your current treatment plan.