Advice For Using Kratom Capsules

28 January 2021
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If you are searching for new and alternative pain management options, one that you might come across is kratom capsules. Kratom is a substance that is produced naturally by a particular species of evergreen tree. It can help alleviate and manage pain due to multiple causes. However, there are a few tips and pieces of advice you should consider so you can use kratom capsules responsibly and effectively.

1. Buy from a reputable source.

Since the supplement industry is not very well regulated in the U.S., it is really the responsibility of the producer to make sure their capsules are safe and effective. So, be careful who you buy kratom capsules from. Look for a company that publishes their lab results, has good reviews, and has been in business for at least a few years. If you know someone else who uses kratom, ask them where they buy theirs.

2. Take one capsule at a time.

It's important to use the minimal effective dose, as with most pain relievers. So when you first get your kratom capsules, just take one. Wait at least an hour to see how your pain responds. If you're happy with the pain relief you get, then you've found your dose. If you don't experience quite enough pain relief from one capsule, then you may need to take two. Most capsules are sized so that people need to take either one or two of them, so it would be rare for you to need three or more—and the side effects may outweigh the benefits at that point. Note that kratom can cause insomnia, runny nose, and other symptoms, particularly at higher doses.

3. Only take the capsules as needed.

Kratom capsules can have addictive qualities, so you want to use them sparingly and as needed, rather than on a regular schedule. This will help minimize your chances of growing dependent on the supplement. For instance, take a capsule each time your pain arises, and then wait for the pain to come back again before taking another dose. This is contrary to how you might take an NSAID pain reliever as a preventative every 4–6 hours regardless of your current pain level. 

As long as you use the capsules sparingly, use the minimum effective dose, and buy from a reputable source, you should find success when using kratom capsules for pain management. Reach out to your doctor for more advice.