Why Choose A CBD-Enhanced CBG Freeze Roll-On Product?

8 July 2022
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Cannabigerol and cannabidiol are cannabinoids that can be used to treat pain and inflammation. Like other cannabinoids, CBD and CBG have a synergistic effect when used together. That's why some CBG products are enhanced with CBD to provide increased pain relief. Here are some reasons to choose a product such as a 5000mg CBD-enhanced CBG freeze roll-on:

1. Enjoy invigorating camphor and menthol.

The primary ingredient in CBG freeze roll-on sticks is cannabigerol, which is fortified with cannabidiol. However, secondary ingredients such as camphor and menthol give freeze roll-ons their distinctive cool feeling. Camphor and menthol are effective analgesics that work as counterirritants. By mildly irritating the surface of your skin, these ingredients can soothe your pain by confusing your nerve receptors and interrupting their transmission of pain signals to your brain. This allows your CBG freeze roll-on to provide immediate relief for bruises, aches, and pains.

2. Make sure every drop of CBD-enhanced CBG gel goes exactly where it's meant to.

CBG and CBD topicals are formulated as balms, gels, and oils. However, many of these products must be applied with your fingers, which can cause you to waste some of the product. Additionally, CBG freeze products can cause stinging and burning if they come in contact with your eyes. A roll-on applicator can allow you to put your CBG freeze product directly on the painful area you wish to treat. This can minimize waste and reduce the risk of cooling products coming into contact with sensitive skin.

3. Treat hard-to-reach areas.

Sometimes, aches and pains occur in inconvenient places. Pain in your lower back can be hard to treat alone. Fortunately, CBG freeze roll-ons can be used to treat hard-to-reach areas. The roll-on applicator can improve your reach, allowing you to spread healing hemp ointment on your back, neck, or anywhere else that needs some extra care.

4. Use your CBD-enhanced CBG freeze roll-on to enhance your athletic pursuits.

Finally, CBG freeze roll-on sticks are compact enough to travel. You can store your CBG freeze product in your backpack or gym bag for use at the park or fitness center. CBG freeze can be used as a post-workout treatment to tend to muscle soreness caused by exertion. You can also use CBG freeze preemptively before your workouts. Applying this product before running, lifting weights, or engaging in other physical activities can allow you to take advantage of its cooling effect while you exercise.